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Many of the hardest-hitting investigations, even in recent times, have appeared in books. Here we will announce new books in investigative journalism and related fields.

Power is Everywhere: How stakeholder-driven media build the future of watchdog news, by Mark Lee Hunter, Luk N. Van Wassenhove and Maria Besiou
The global media scene is changing. New media outlets with a stong connection to their audiences, like like Mediapart in France, ProPublica in the US, and are emerging. This book serves as a manual for founders of stakeholder-driven media, coaching them through the process of creating a business model and putting it to work. A key feature of SDM business models, say the authors, resides in changing the relationship of a media to its users, by entering their community to serve them. The SDM business model, they argue, aims first and foremost to protect, promote and prevail for its users.
Free to download:


The Panama Papers, by Bastian Obermayer and Frederik Obermaier

Bastian Obermayer and fellow SГјddeutsche Zeitung journalist Frederik Obermaier find themselves immersed in the secret world where complex networks of shell companies help to hide people who don't want to be found. Faced with the largest data leak in history, they activate an international network of journalists to follow every possible line of enquiry. The real-life thriller behind the story of the century, The Panama Papers is an intense, unputdownable account that blows a secret world wide open.

Published by One World Publications
Price: £12.99 (paperback)
Website: The Panama Papers


The Killing of Osama bin Laden, by Seymour Hersh

In 2011 a group of US Navy Seals assassinated Osama bin Laden in a night raid on a high-walled compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The killing was the high point of Obama’s first term, and a major factor in his re-election. The White House still maintains that the mission was an all-American affair, and that the senior generals of Pakistan’s army and Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) were not told of the raid in advance. This is false, as are many other elements of the Obama administration’s account.
Published by Verso Books
Price: £10.39 (hardback)


Tell Me No Lies, by John Pilger

Tell Me No Lies
A selection of articles, broadcasts and books extracts that revealed important and disturbing truths that ranges from across many of the critical events, scandals and struggles of the past fifty years. Along the way it bears witness to epic injustices committed against the peoples of Vietnam, Cambodia, East Timor and Palestine. Pilger sets each piece of reporting in its context and introduces the collection with a passionate essay arguing that the kind of journalism he celebrates here is being subverted by the very forces that ought to be its enemy. 
Published by Vintage
Price: £8.99 (paperback)
Website: Tell Me No Lies

The Shadow Factory, by James Bamford

The Shadow Factory
Bamford reconstructs how the NSA missed a chance to thwart the 9/11 hijackers and details how this mistake has led to a heightening of domestic surveillance. In disturbing detail, he describes exactly how every American’s data is being mined and what is being done with it. Any reader who thinks America’s liberties are being protected by Congress will be shocked and appalled at what is revealed here.
Published by Penguin Random House
Price: £11.99 (paperback)
Website: The Shadow Factory

Dirty Wars, by Jeremy Scahill

Dirty Wars
From Afghanistan and Pakistan to Yemen, Somalia and beyond, Scahill speaks to the CIA agents, mercenaries and elite Special Operations Forces operators who populate the dark side of the many wars Obama's government is fighting. He goes deep into al Qaeda - held territory in Yemen and walks the streets of Mogadishu with CIA-backed warlords. We also meet the survivors of US night raids and drone strikes who reveal the human consequences of the dirty wars the US struggles to keep hidden.
Published by Serpent's Tail
Price: £10.99 (paperback)
Website: Dirty Wars

No Place to Hide, by Glen Greenwald

No Place to Hide
Greenwald fits all the pieces together of his 11-day trip to Hong Kong and meeting with NSA contractor Edward Snowden, examining the broader implications of the surveillance detailed in his reporting for The Guardian, and revealing fresh information on the NSA's unprecedented abuse of power with documents from the Snowden archive. The book has sparked outrage around the globe and has been hailed as an essential contribution to our understanding of the US surveillance state.
Published by Macmillan
Price: £20 (hardback)
Website: No Place to Hide

The WikiLeaks Files, by Julian Assange

The WikiLeaks Files
An expert analysis on the most important cables and an outline of their historical importance. The book explores the machinations of the United States as it imposes its agenda on other nations: a new form of imperialism founded on varied tactics from torture to military action, to trade deals and “soft power,” in the perpetual pursuit of expanding influence. It illustrates the close relationship between government and big business in promoting US trade.
Published by Verso Books
Price: £20 (hardback)
Website: The WikiLeaks Files

The Monster, by Michael Hudson

The Monster
In this stunning narrative Hudson reveals the story of the rise and fall of the subprime mortgage business by chronicling the rise and fall of two corporate empires: Ameriquest and Lehman Brothers. As the biggest subprime lender and Wall Street's biggest patron of subprime, they did more than any other institutions to create the feeding frenzy that emboldened mortgage pros to flood the nation with high-risk, high-profit home loans.
Published by Macmillan
Price: £10.99 (paperback)
Website: The Monster


Lethal Allies, by Anne Cadwallader

Lethal Allies
Farmers, shopkeepers and businessmen were slaughtered in a decade of bombings and shootings in the North Irish counties of Tyrone and Armagh in the 70s. For years there were claims that loyalists were helped by members of the RUC and Ulster Defence Regiment. But, until now, there was no proof. Drawing on 15 years of research this book includes official documents showing that the highest in the land knew of the collusion, and names those whose fingers were on the triggers and detonators. 
Published by Mercier Press
Price: £10.70 (paperback)
Website: Lethal Allies

The Racket, by Matt Kennard

While working at the FT, Kennard uncovered a scam - a deception and rip-off of immense proportions. From slanging matches with Henry Kissinger to afternoon coffees with the man who captured Che Guevara, Kennard’s unbridled access over four years to the crГЁme de la crГЁme of the global elite left him with only one conclusion. The world as we know it is run by a squad of cigar-smoking men with big guns, big cash and a reach much too close to home.

Published by Zed Books
Price: £16.99 (hardback)
Website: The Racket

Hidden Cameras, by Joe Plomin

Hidden Cameras
Providing authoritative information on the practicalities of using hidden cameras to expose abuse or wrongdoing, this book is vital reading for anyone who may use or encounter secret filming. It gives specific advice on using phones or covert cameras and covers the complex legal and ethical issues that need to be considered.
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Price: £12.99 (paperback)
Website: Hidden Cameras

The Mobile Field Reporting Guide, by Richard Koci Hernandez, Jeremey Rue, Casey Capachi, Matt Sarnecki and Evan Wagstaff

Mobile Field reporting
Mobile Reporting Field Guide is everything journalists need to know about using an iPhone for reporting. It includes reviews on equipment, apps, kits as well as example videos.
Free from iTunes: The Mobile Field and Reporting Guide

Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark, by Eveline Lubbers

Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark, by Eveline Lubbers

Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark documents how corporations are halting legitimate action and investigation by activists. Using exclusive access to previously confidential sources, Eveline Lubbers shows how companies such as Nestl√©, Shell and McDonalds use covert methods to evade accountability. 

Published by Pluto Books
Price: £17.50 (hardback)


Fuel on the Fire – Oil and Politics in Occupied Iraq, by Greg Muttitt

Fuel on the Fire – Oil and Politics in Occupied Iraq, by Greg Muttitt

Oil lies at the heart of Iraqi politics. Yet in the eight years since the bombs began to fall on Baghdad it has been a taboo subject. In Greg Muttitt's gripping and far-reaching investigation we are taken behind the scenes of the occupation to answer one of the war's most pressing questions: what is happening to Iraq's oil?

Published by Random House
Price: £9.89 (paperback)


Follow the Money, by Paul Radu

Follow the Money, by Paul Radu

Paul Radu’s new handbook for investigative reporters tracking corruption across borders is now available online from the Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism.

The handbook provides an array of new tools for investigative journalists that will help them give the public a better understanding of regional and global criminal networks.

Published by Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism and the International Center for Journalists


The Dream That Died, by Ray Fitzwalter

The Dream That Died, by Ray Fitzwalter

A unique insider account of the rise and fall of ITV, as seen through the fate of Granada Television, and the ripple effect on the standard of broadcasting we see on our screens today. The Dream That Died unfolds the story of 25 years in which ‘the best broadcasting system in the world’ was turned into ‘ignorance and self-interest, the idiocy and feeble mindedness that is 21st century ITV’.

To order email
Price: £19.99 (hardback plus postage); £14.99 (paperback plus postage)


Flat Earth News, by Nick Davies

Flat Earth News, by Nick Davies

An award-winning reporter exposes falsehood, distortion and propaganda in the global media. Davies names and exposes the national news stories which turn out to be pseudo events manufactured by the PR industry and the global news stories which prove to be fiction generated by a new machinery of international propaganda.

Published by Chatto & Windus
Price: £17.99 (hardback)


FOUL! The Secret World of FIFA: Bribes, Vote-Rigging and Ticket Scandals, by Andrew Jennings

FOUL! The Secret World of FIFA: Bribes, Vote-Rigging and Ticket Scandals, by Andrew Jennings

The inside story of the London-based oligarchs, how they built vast personal fortunes from Russia’s historic wealth and spent them in Britain. A real life case study of the rise of the world’s super-rich, Britain’s remarkable compliance in the transfer of wealth from Russia and the consequences it has wrought.

Published by HarperSport
Price: £5.99 (paperback)